Professional Development

My goal is to build capacity in district and campus leadership teams to generate new educational outcomes. As a consultant, I strive to provide services to support the work of teachers and leaders.

Science Workshop

This PD focuses on creating new outcomes for teachers and students. With the rigor and literacy levels increasing on the STAAR every year, teachers must continue to make strides in their delivery systems of content while attempting to increase student engagement. The theme of this workshop revolves around visual support and flexing the 3D hands on experience into 2D mastery on questions. A 10- day review plan will be shared along with a variety of engaging activities to use for review or re-teach. 


Formative Assessment

Creating an environment where students are comfortable asking and answering questions is critical to bridge the gap for higher order thinking skills. This skill is often assumed and not explicitly taught to our teachers. In this training, teachers will have opportunities to learn how to implement quick win questioning and engagement strategies along with creating an atmosphere that encourages risk taking and builds educational grit.

Science Visual Literacy
Telling the story of images, charts, and diagrams will increase student performance….guaranteed! Visual literacy is an integral part of an inclusive and responsive classroom. Each participant will be lead through a series of visual challenges to reveal how content comes alive. High cognitive levels of visual literacy that require concept knowledge, vocabulary, and image interpretation are a part of a skillset that must be taught and practiced throughout the literacy process.

In the training, teachers will get experience practicing telling the story of images aligned to the TEKS as well as:

  • Using images as a source to drive and reinforce vocabulary development

  • Using images to connect the 3D experience to a 2D experience

  • Using images in quick writes to check for understanding

  • Using images while building problem solving guides for assessment questions

  • Using images for gaming and quick review

  • Using images to support literacy in long written passages

Instructional Coaching


Teaching is a team sport. Given the high stakes of educating students, leaders are faced with the never-ending challenge to build capacity on campus and support new and struggling educators. This training specifically targets high impact strategies that will increase student engagement and teacher effectiveness, Tier 1 and Tier 2 strategies, vocabulary development, and analysis with response to data.

Increasing Student Engagement

Compliance vs. Engagement.


Ever look at a class and see a sea of students doing their work quietly and having no idea what they are doing? Ever look at a class of students and wonder if they will ever initiate learning on their own ... if they have the capacity and confidence to transition from

"I do","We do",to "You do?" This training will provide 4 key focus points when addressing student engagement as well as provide you with a checklist for teacher and student evidence.